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Retreat to Costa Rica with Spark Yoga!


Come to Costa Rica with me this December 16-23!! 

My friend and talented fellow yoga instructor, Nikki Wichert, and I will be leading a refreshing and revitalizing trip to Bodhitree Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica! A week of sunshine, invigorating air, local and organic meals, exhilarating recreation and especially transformative yoga with experienced and insightful teachers -- all at the best time of yearin Costa Rica as well!

 What could be a better present for yourself and friends/family?

Click the links to sign up at Spark Yoga and to see more of the beautiful Bodhitree Resort!

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Namas Day: Face Your Fears and Fly! Workshop
8:00 AM08:00

Namas Day: Face Your Fears and Fly! Workshop

Come to my Face Your Fears and Fly! workshop that I'll be presenting at DC's NamasDay Yoga Convention on October 21!

Headstands, forearmstands, handstands… Oh my!!

If you’ve been practicing yoga for a little bit or even for a long while, some of these so-called advanced  yoga poses still can make some of us cringe with fear. Challenging yoga poses can feel quite intimidating at first even to the strongest and most flexible people. The thought of trying any one of these and falling most spectacularly is enough to make us shake our heads and turn away. 

But what if you just tried? What if you were given some techniques to understand yourself and your body in order to make these poses a little more accessible? What if falling wasn’t the worst but maybe part of the process?

In this workshop, you’ll learn not only tips and techniques to find the strength and the balance to work toward these poses but also how confronting your fears regarding these skills can retrain your brain to confront other fears that may be challenging you in life. Agency, ownership, persistence and hope—explore how these motivating factors can help you not only fly on the mat but maybe a little in life as well.

Register at the link below for the event and you get to practice with some of DC's most experienced yoga instructors. Hope to see you there!!

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