About Lisa


For over fifteen years, Lisa has used yoga as a tool in her process of holistic healing and growth.

As a mother of six sons, Lisa's greatest joy in life is her family. Tragically, however, in 2002, she lost her fourth son Benjamin in an unexpected accident. From then on began a long, painful struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder and deep grief which took a vast toll on Lisa, physically and mentally. Through her search for help and healing, she was introduced to yoga and began a daily personal practice. As a trained dancer, she was drawn to movement and soon yoga became an instrument bringing not only mobility and strength back to her body but eventually awareness and quiet to her mind.

From 2005 to 2008, Lisa and her family lived in Mumbai, India, allowing her to study and practice yoga in its cultural birthplace, all the while continuing to process the debilitating grief and trauma of losing a child. After returning from India, she completed her initial yoga training at Yahweh Yoga in Arizona.

In 2010, Lisa began teaching in Northern Virginia and quickly established a reputation for well-informed, athletically strong and inspiring classes. Now as an experienced yoga teacher, Lisa has had the joy of teaching numerous studio, private and corporate yoga sessions and events in the DMV area, as well many well-attended yoga workshops for various local and national studios and organizations. In her capacity as a Lululemon Ambassador, she is pursuing her passion of helping others use movement to heal. She currently teaches at Spark Yoga, Equinox, Kazaxe, and 24 Hour Fitness in Falls Church, as well as many individual and small group private classes.

In her growth as a student and a teacher, Lisa continues to explore the relationship between physical movement and mental health. She is currently delving into in-depth study of the physical mechanics of the poses and how to adapt the practice to the unique individual with well-respected teacher's teacher, Alexandria Crow. Thanks to teachers like Kathryn Budig, Dice Iida Klein, and Rocket Yoga Teacher Training with David C. Kyle, Lisa has spent several years unraveling the biomechanics of a rigorous practice, building resilience and perseverance in the process. And through her recent training with Jane Clapp, a somatic wellness coach in Toronto, and personal study through her own experience of deep loss, Lisa has begun to integrate her love of empowering movement with sound psychotherapeutic research in the treatment of trauma and loss and takes joy in sharing what she learns with her students. 

Yoga has been a powerful tool to bring healing and balance to Lisa as a woman, mother and bereaved parent. She hopes to use her own experience of moving through loss, practice and perseverance to help others move through the beauty of life's daily challenges.